Ann Marie McDonnell:

"In Two and Three Dimensions"


Jazz Idol - Homage to Miles Davis
May 2, 2009 - June 6, 2009Reception
Saturday, May 2, 3-5 pm & Saturday, May 30, 5-7 pm
Long Island City, NY - AES Gallery is proud to present works by Ann Marie McDonnell. This exhibition features prints and bronze sculptures inspired by childrenŐs fairy tales and the musical genre jazz.
Ann Marie McDonnell is a distinguished and passionate sculptor and printmaker. She works in clay, on paper, with found objects, and bronze casting to explore her desire to narrate through two and three dimensional work.
In one of her previous exhibitions Ann Marie presented a number of small works created in 'model magic' and a few cast in bronze as part of a series titled: America Cooks and the Patron Saints of the Kitchen. These sculptures although playful in appearance carried biting overtones and addressed a number of social issues including war, poverty, homelessness, and greed. Throughout America the iconic symbol of a chef has recently grown and been popularized in simple cooking show on PBS and more dynamic shows such as the Food Networks series "The Iron Chef". By presenting these chefs and further exploring the spirituality of nourishment with the patron saints associated with cooking and the kitchen, Ann Marie touches on what it means to prepare food, to eat food, and to be fed. With these works Ann Marie is able to provide a dialogue on the causes and the effects of social policies on our very survival.
Ann Marie often begins with drawing as a method to release her thoughts and believes in spending extensive time at this stage before moving to three dimensional work in her studio. The narrative plays an important role in her work. She considers herself a conceptual artist creating installations and telling stories. She says, "being an artist is as much a mindset and lifestyle as anything else. I get ideas from going to a museum as well as reading the paper or listening to the radio. I enjoy working with the parameters of a specific project".
McDonnell earned a Masters Degree in Sculpture at Graduate School at Brooklyn College, studied in Pisa, Italy, and lived in Barcelona, Spain. Her works have been exhibited in SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery, NY, NY, Newhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art, SI, NY, Catherine Street Gallery, SI, NY, Spring Gallery, Maine, and The Staten Island Museum, SI, NY. She wants to return to the children's narrative sculptures.

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