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Our Commemorative Design Service was developed especially for individuals, groups, and committees who wish to create a memorial honoring a person or event. These memorials usually range from a plaque or a portrait bust, to a large impressive monument.

Since most people don't have the necessary experience to select, evaluate, and follow up all aspects, our service includes coordination of the entire project. Project management includes initial budget, review of project plans, selection of artists, checking desired sites, and discussions with architects and engineers. We also supervise approval of models, all foundry work, delivery, and final installation. This includes such details as fountain plumbing and special lighting. The client is involved at each important phase of the project.

Over the past seventy plus years we've helped people realize the dedication of hundreds of commemorative pieces, while also saving them time and money.

"St. Angela Merci" by Margaret Beaudette, SC

Maine Soccer Player

"Alice in Wonderland" by Jose de Creeft

Finishing of "Iwo Jima Memorial Monument"

All Works Under Copyright and cannot be used without permission.
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