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Three Important Services and More
Celebrating 80 Years of Fine Art Casting

The first and best known is our Sculpture service. It's the reason many well- known sculptors have had their pieces cast here over the years. Why? Because we offer a complete and integrated service all under one roof. This includes everything from modeling to enlarging, molding to retouching, casting to finishing, patina, mounting, and installation, always working with the artist to realize their original idea. We also provide a complete consultation service from start to finish - from the initial estimate, to any necessary discussions with engineers and architects, as well as constant supervision of all activities from the foundry process to the final installation itself.

Today we are probably the oldest family owned art foundry in the U.S., yet we've always kept pace with the latest foundry techniques and improvements. In our long history, we produced over 15,000 sculptures - large and small, for artists like Lipchitz, Lachaise, Bourgeois, Miro, Archipenko, and Noguchi. And some of them used our studio facilities.

To this day, we still train our own craftsmen, many of them coming here from Europe and South America to develop their skills. Fifty years ago, one sculptor called us "The Artist's Foundry" and the nickname stuck. We still use it today and we're proud of it.

Our second basic service is called "Maintenance and Conservation". Even though it was created over thirty years ago, we consider it our newest service. And we owe it all to you - our customers. It all started when we were asked to repair a public monument. After that we were asked to restore another. Then everything just mushroomed. Requests were coming in from museums, park departments, and collectors. At first we found ourselves working in our own backyard - monuments in Central Park, the United Nations, and the World's Fair Grounds. But within five years, we were busy restoring and maintaining sculpture all over the country. And then we realized that we just created a new service. It made good sense, too. After all, a professional art foundry has the knowledge and expertise to repair and restore bronze sculpture, including regular sculpture maintenance.

Today, we have a complete Maintenance and Conservation service that offers everything from recasting missing pieces, refinishing, matching or applying a new patina, to cleaning and waxing, correcting oxide deterioration and removing graffiti. Every service program is geared to your special needs, because every problem is different. We start with a basic analysis, which takes into consideration your needs and desires, then provide you with a recommendation, estimate, and timetable. Naturally, we use our own specially developed cleaners, waxes, and other materials for each project. We can also provide a continuing maintenance service on a regularly scheduled basis for large or small sculptures, indoors or outdoors. All our methods meet accepted principles of conservation as identified by the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic Objects.

While we consider our service relatively new, many call it "old reliable". In just the past few years, we've repaired, restored, repatinated, and maintained sculptures by Moore, Ernst, Miro, Remington, Giacometti, and Tiffany Lamps. And because our service is effective, the list keeps right on growing.

The third service we offer is "Commemorative Design". For the record, we've probably had this service almost when the foundry opened its doors. We just didn't talk much about it. Basically, the commemorative design service was created, especially for those individuals, groups, or committees who need an experienced professional foundry that can handle an entire project, whether it be a portrait, monument, or plaque. This means everything is the responsibility of the foundry - from checking the desired site, selecting possible artists, discussions with local architects and engineers, to the supervision of the foundry work, delivery, and installation. It even includes details such as lighting, and selection of bases, and even fountain plumbing - if designated.

In short, this is a service that literally takes all the weight off the shoulders of the person, group, or committee and assumes full responsibility for the project. In many situations members of committees don't have the experience in these types of projects and therefore it makes good sense for them to seek out an experienced foundry. Over the years, we've helped many realize completion and dedication of their special commemorative pieces, while saving them money in the process. Some of our recent projects have included the portrait of John Flately, founder of the Long Island State Veterans Hospital and the portrait of Reverend Taylor for the Zion Baptist Church in New Rochelle.

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(Partially reprinted with permission from "The Artist's Foundry", Volume 16, Number 1, 1995)

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